Christopher R. Ference
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About Me

I am a graduate of the Software Guild's intensive 12-week course in Java and Fullstack Development. Given the fast pace of the program, I learned to complete projects in an efficient framework in order to meet hard deadlines. The final project, Blog / Content Management System, required collaborating with a team, sharing ideas and utilizing SCRUM methodology to ensure work flow was in order and efficient. I am eager to continue learning from and contributing to a software developmentteam.

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After the Software Guild I landed a 6-month internship at Quicksilver Express Courier where I utilized all the skills that were learned from the Guild. Expanding on Agile work development in a DevOps work environment. For the most part I was tasked with refactoring the old website for customers account and order entry to more updated version.

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Now I am currently studying at the Saint Paul College to get my 2 year AAS in computer programming


What I do in my free time

When I'm not sitting behind a screen, you'll find me at FXB Kick boxing class, biking around Minneapolis, walking or playing fetch with my corgi, or checking out live music at local establishments.

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Check out my resume! I am always looking for coding opportunities.


My portfolio includes websites as well as some special HTML/CSS projects.

JavaScript Game

I made my custom version of the W3 Schools JavaScript game.